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Why New Realtors Should Choose Sutton Centre Realty

Choosing which agency to join is one of the most important decisions of a new Realtor’s young career after earning their license. The agency you select will be responsible for your training and support as you establish your career in the Real Estate industry. Sutton Centre Realty takes pride in striving to be the best option for new Real Estate agents looking for an agency.

Sutton Centre provides unparalleled support to its employees and agents. Realtors are given extensive training in order to prepare them for the market, and provided with a full range of tools which grants them valuable insight and the market intelligence that is crucial to success in every agent’s career and development.

Sutton Centre is committed to making its support available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We are even open on the weekends from 10 AM – 4 PM, and our newly renovated office provides agents with new, state of the art computer and telephone systems.

Sutton Centre instructs all of its agents in effective ways to demonstrate the value which they will provide as trusted Real Estate professionals. Training programs at Sutton Centre aren’t just limited to the white-board. Sutton Centre helps its agents actively learn through real world experience. These lessons, which are free to the Realtors, will provide invaluable knowledge on a wide variety of essential topics, such as:

  • Dealing with objections and competition
  • Adapting to market-leading technology
  • Applying market analysis concepts
  • Effectively writing, presenting, and negotiating offers
  • Working with buyers and sellers
  • Pricing and how to determine market value of property
  • Effective marketing techniques
  • Effective methods of attracting and keeping new clients

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New Realtor Opportunities Available

Sutton Centre Realty is the perfect choice for any new Real Estate agent who wishes to excel in their career and stand out from the competition through professionalism and expertise. Find out what Sutton Centre can do for your career – contact us today at 604-435-9477 , email us at